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Grow and Grow Rich Academy - Testimonials

“I believe that the Grow and Grow Rich® Academy has given us a huge advantage because it cuts the learning curve… I promise you, it’s nothing that people have made it out to be at all. Very, very different and the benefits are remarkable.”

Ivy & Chris Ford

Houston, TX

“Being partnered with Grow and Grow Rich® Academy, will give us a platform that will pretty much become the gold standard, in my opinion.Seeing where Grow and Grow Rich® is today in the industry, and seeing where it could be in the next six months, I think it’s important to sign up today. I don’t have to be the expert.

Jay Pamintuan


“There’s huge advantage of working with people that know the cannabis business, it shortens the process. Instead of taking years and months, it should shorten it down to weeks and days… I am geared toward helping veterans.

Kimberly G.

Culver City, CA

“I think the training behind the Grow and Grow Rich and all their expertise and their experts that they have in house, that we have access to, it’s just … that confidence. They’ve seen it. They’ve done it. I’m involved in it “You got to educate yourself in it. And one of the best places to come and get educated

Ruben & Dyani Yanez

Los Angeles, CA